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Baseball necklace and Jewelry

We have made a research and we have find a common pattern among baseball fans. They all like to use accessories and clothes related to the favorite teams. Of course! Who wouldn't like to show and express their passion for their team? Talking about the variety of accessories we can mention: baseball caps, joggers, cotton turtlenecks, Knee-high socks, bracelets and one of the most popular and trending items in the last months, the Baseball Bat Cross Necklace. I've seen also players from the MLB wearing these kind of baseball jewelry and they look really good on them. They are usually made from gold and have a good resistance. Mike trout has surprised us when he appeared wearing a fabulous chain on his neck. But, let's be sincere, fashion and baseball has been very connected since decades. There is a special charming on these players when wearing this special accessories. It is not about the luxury or for bragging, it's just they love it.  Other popular necklaces are the Pithen ones, made from titanium. You have a variety of prices here at Leonne and you can get golden cross necklace for less than $ 30. Take into account that are our offers are limited time and usually product sells out very fast.


baseball necklace

When you think of famous sports, what comes first to your mind? Most people of any generation generally have their games and sports to play. From the renowned basketball tricks and moves down to sliding and gliding an Ice Hockey, will surely bring out the best in you.

With all the sports you can think of, admit it that baseball has maintained and established its identity as a sport. On the other hand, apart from the baseball players whose giving out their best to win a game, have you think of the equipment and the baseball jewelry they’re using?

I bet not! So, take a look at the things enumerated below that will surely amaze you how these pieces of baseball jewelry help the sport and the players entertain every single fan.

Baseball and Fielders Glove

The baseball gloves or commonly called as the mitt is a leather glove usually comes in a large size worn by players to catch and field the ball hit by the assigned batter. It will help every catcher protect from any danger brought by batting the ball or catching it efficiently.

Baseball Necklace

It is a kind of baseball accessory that comes in stainless steel. A baseball necklace usually comes in a silver color with simple yet elegant designs. Apart from that, you may also customize the chain depending on your choice.

Baseball Bat Tie Clip

Baseball Bat Tie Clip is an accessory made for all baseball enthusiasts. These clips usually come as either gold or silver. You can easily clip this in your ties giving you a sleek and polished look.

Furthermore, for a more sophisticated look, plated based metal baseball clips paired with elegant suits must be worn to fit.

Baseball Seam Bracelets

Baseball Seam Bracelets usually measures 8 inches with easy adjustment in just two snaps. Anyone can wear this anytime and may pair any types of dresses and suits.

Baseball Uniform Leather Wallets

It is a kind of baseball accessory designed and intended for major league baseball fans. It is also an ideal gift for every baseball players. The wallet is composed of hand-cut divisions and comes in two primary colors, black and brown. Bear in mind that these baseball wallets are fully licensed by MLB (Major League Baseball Organization) to ensure authenticity and originality. 

Baseball Tie Tack

The baseball tie tack is a perfect accent for tie, scarf, and jacket. The base pin is usually made of stainless steel. It is a perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings.

Baseball Money Clip

When you talk about adding a dose of coolness to your daily get up, baseball money clip works best. The baseball money clip shows up with strong hinged spring that comes with satin and mirror-plated metal. It usually measures around 1.1” by 2.25” in size.

Baseball Belt Buckle

The Major Baseball League Association made offers a limited edition of a baseball jewelry option. It comes in a baseball belt buckle. These buckles have unique serial numbers assigned to famous baseball teams like The Boston Red Sox and Chicago Clubs.

Moreover, once you wear a specific type of this buckle, then you are considered as an avid baseball fan. These buckles are also available in any sports shopping center located near you.

Baseball Dog Tag

The baseball dog tag functions the same as any other types of dog tag available in the market. On the other hand, the best thing about these baseball dog tags must be the feature of having a personal touch. You may personalize your baseball dog tags by engraving a name, date, saying, or even scriptures you may like. 

Baseball Seat Cufflinks

The baseball seat cufflinks materialize from actual stadium seats removed during baseball stadium remodeling or demolition. These would be ideal for baseball executives and collectors.Also, the woods’ colors will vary depending on the type of paint you like. It looks incredible on any dress and suits. The best thing about these seat cufflinks is the authenticity of the style because it came from original baseball seats.


Typically, baseball has made a massive impact when it comes to the world of sports. Many baseball avid fans around the world look up every baseball match, may it be the team they're cheering or not.

Therefore, along with the popularity of baseball as a sport comes baseball jewelry and accessories that will surely give you a trademark of being a devoted baseball fan.

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